Non-alcoholic mojito recipe at home!

Рецепт безалкогольного мохито в домашних условиях!

 Introducing a non-alcoholic mojito recipe at home! On a hot day, you can pleasantly surprise your loved ones with the incomparable taste of this non-alcoholic cocktail.

  1. Lime — 1pc.
  2. Fresh mint — 1 bunch
  3. Syrup — 30ml.
  4. Ice
  5. Sparkling Water (Sprite)
Cooking method:
1. Cut the lime into 6 slices and put it in a highball glass, add mint leaves there, instead of cane sugar, which is included in the traditional recipe, add cane syrup, all the ingredients must be thoroughly kneaded in a glass.

2. Now you need to add crushed ice, crushed ice can be obtained by mixing it a little in a blender or breaking it with a kitchen knife. Pour Sprite to the brim and mix thoroughly. The cocktail is ready.

Recipe author: Алёксандр Афанасьев!

Video recipe for making non-alcoholic mojito!
 The non-alcoholic version of the famous cocktail has become very popular among the female population. Many people today, when they come to clubs, order themselves soft drinks. Therefore, I decided to post this good mojito recipe on my culinary blog. If you want to turn it into alcoholic, just snap your fingers and pour 50 grams of tequila, you're done! 

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